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MLG invites you to enjoy this island looking like a butterfly : Basse-Terre with its mountain range and dense forest; Grande-Terre with its white sandy beaches and coral reefs.




Notre équipe


Christian Aventurin

§  Master's degree in both Teaching French as a Foreign Language ( with a specialty in Computer-Aided Teaching ) and in Computer Science.

§  Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

§  Corporate experience as Information Technology Area coordinator for a major multinational petroleum company in the french overseas departments of Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana.

Other Teachers

§  Master's degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language.


We employ a variety of teaching techniques including audiovisual and the latest interactive multimedia as well as experiences outside the classroom.Our solid teaching credentials and corporate experience mean you won't have to compromise between your educational and professional goals.




Nos étudiants


What our former students have to say...

Dear Vanessa,

I had a 1 week individual course with Christian and I appreciated it very much. My language course was sponsored by my employer therefore I had a strong focus on business aspects. We practized in particular how to present technical projects (I'm working in the telecommunication area), we worked on my technical vocabulary and after a short analysis of my French Christian proposed to work on certain grammatical issues to help me to get rid of bad habits. Christian has a very professional attitude and responds to individual needs. I appreciated very much his style of teaching as it is lively and very motivating. After all I experienced a good mixture between concentrated exercise work, open communication and discussions and - very important - a lot of fun and laughing! Christian is also always open to give any practical hints regarding where to go in Guadeloupe:-) I had a wonderful time in Guadeloupe and I hope you'll have it too! 



Dear Christine,

I took a three-week course with MLG in February/March 2003. Christian Aventurin's school met my expectations in all respects and I can highly recommend it to other students. The teaching methodology and all the teaching material was of high standard and met perfectly well the needs of the different students. Christian Aventurin is a learned teacher and could offer cultured conversation on all aspects students were interested in. A special benefit we got from the various outdoor activities on weekends in his charming company. The pleasant, air-conditioned teaching rooms are in a modern building, only a few steps away from a beautiful beach. There is no city of Guadeloupe, MLG is in Sainte-Anne on the northern part of the island of Guadeloupe. I lived in a well-equipped studio only five minutes on foot to the school and to the beach. Prices for course and accommodation were fair and I would like to emphasize that the above mentioned weekend excursions were free! I would like to return and take more courses with MLG at any time.








A bit of history ...of Guadeloupe

§  Named Karukera or "Island of beautiful waters" by the Caraïbe Indians due to its numerous rivers and waterfalls, the island was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus who gave it the name of Guadeloupe in homage to Santa Maria de Guadalupe, in Estramadura, Spain.Since 1946 the island is a French Overseas Department with more than 428 000 inhabitants.

Guadeloupe is also an archipelago composed of five other islands : Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, La Désirade and Petite Terre, Saint Martin and Saint Barthélémy.